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Whiplash is often caused by sudden jerking or distortion of the neck. Motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of neck injuries as impact can lead to a shock movement and whiplash-type injuries. Symptoms of whiplash include pains in the neck and upper back, but sometime the effects are not felt straight away. In fact, it’s common for whiplash to cause pain days, or even weeks, after an accident.

Typical Compensation Awards:

The highest awards require permanent disability and severe physical limitations, and the lowest awards usually involve minor “whiplash” injuries where there is a full recovery within a few weeks. Having a pre-existing neck condition may not prevent you from making a compensation claim as compensation can be claimed for an aggravation of a pre-existing problem or an acceleration of the neck symptoms as a result of an accident.

  • Whiplash injury with full recovery after 3 months: up to £1,400
  • Whiplash injury with full recovery after 6 months: up to £1,650
  • Whiplash injury with full recovery after 12 months: up to £2,500
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