No Win No Fee

The legal term “no win, no fee” in the current British legal system means that if a personal injury solicitor takes on a legal case for a client and no compensation is won, no fee will be billed for use of the services of the solicitor.

This is very consoling for victims of injuries as they are overwhelmed by high legal costs, whether a case is won or lost. All cases taken on at Mercer Law are progressed on a “no win, no fee” basis. Therefore, in the unlikely event that your claim is lost, you will not be responsible for any of the fees incurred in us progressing the case for you.

In the days before the “no win, no fee” arrangement was introduced in Britain, an individual who had the misfortune of being injured and who thought they had the right to claim compensation from an offending party would at first have to pay the legal fees themselves for the claim with the hope of recouping the money from the offending party. If this was not possible, they could put in an application for legal aid, which was at that time financed by the government. These claim applications were never guaranteed that the complete amount would be paid if the case was not won.

The free legal aid service was stopped in the late 1990’s for personal injury compensation claims and the “no win, no fee” system was then put into place by the government. This has offered the chance for victims of injuries, regardless of financial status, to be given the opportunity to furnish compensation claims at no financial loss to them.

One benefit over free legal aid is that the person who has suffered an injury just communicates with their selected personal injury Solicitor. This method takes up less time and is therefore far less stressful for all concerned. All the required administration and, if it is necessary, any Court proceedings, are all made by the selected Solicitor who arranges the compensation payment when the claim has been successful.

Mercer Law normally only takes on cases that we believe have a good prospect of success and we always hope to settle the claim without the necessity for a Court appearance.

Have you suffered injury as a result of someone else’s negligence?

It is an unfortunate fact of life that accidents can happen when we least expect them. Even the most cautious person can suffer from an accident.

In Britain, over a million people a year receive injuries which are caused by accidents that happen anywhere on our roads, in workplaces and many other situations which one would think normally quite unlikely.

Although not all accidents are the fault of somebody else, a substantial number are indeed due to somebody else’s negligence. This could be due to poor driving, poor workplace safety or the lack of maintenance on a public footpath or in a shopping centre. Anybody who receives injuries which are the result of an accident for which they are not to blame, have the legal right to make a claim for compensation for any costs for which they have to bear.

In the case of road traffic collisions and workplace accidents, compensation claims are usually dealt with through the third party’s insurance company and, in most cases, there will be an insurance policy which has been taken out in the event of an accident occurring.

If you have had any injuries that have been caused by an accident at any time within the last three years for which you are not responsible, then it is in your interest to contact a personal injury Solicitor to make a claim for compensation.

Mercer Law provides a specialised personal injury legal service. Our team has had many years’ experience successfully dealing with compensation claims for many sorts of injuries caused by accidents of all types.

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